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The editors of Deadly Nightshade: Best New England Crime Stories 2022 are delighted to present the following 22 stories.

"The Bookings" by Jason Allison

"The Beauport Incident" by Christine Bagley

"A Death in New Hampshire" by Jeannette de Beauvoir

"The Perfect Choice" by John R. Clark

"Impediment" by Bruce Robert Coffin

"Framed" by Hans Copek

"Call Me Mathias" by a.l. Dawson

"The Boss of Butler Square" by Sharon Daynard

"The White Balloon" by Trish Esden

"I'll Be There" by Kate Flora

"One Week in Royal Rajasthan" by Judith Green

"By the Book" by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

"Blame It on the Blizzard" by Kathryn Marple Kalb

"Playing God" by Avram Lavinsky

"I Would Kill for That House" by Cheryl Marceau

"The Management of Secrets" by Edith Maxwell

"The Ghost Light" by Ruth M. McCarty

"Women's Night Out" by Susan Oleksiw

"Clay" by Robin Hazard Ray

"Dead in the Afternoon" by Stephen D. Rogers

"Sticky Fingers" by Janet Raye Stevens

"The Gentleman Burglar" by Leslie Wheeler

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